Get Fit High Intensity Workout Program

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This workout guide was designed by health and fitness professionals who understand that we’re all different and have different fitness goals at different times in our lives.

It’s perfect for those who are looking to challenge themselves and put their fitness to the test. If this is you, you’re quite the boss huh? Nice.

This workout guide will empower you to put yourself through your paces, but in a controlled and calculated way to help avoid injury. 


With this downloadable booklet of bad-assery, you’ll feel like you have your own personal grind guru as you get a step-by-step guide with clearly illustrated examples for perfecting each exercise. The jargon is clearly defined with no guesswork required.

The guide will also show you exactly which piece of machinery to use for each step, so no guesswork there either. 


The "Get Fit High Intensity Workout Program" is a 7 day, high intensity training program used for getting fit. (This program is made for someone who has been training for awhile, it's not for beginners)

The program consists of 20 different exercises, each exercise is explained in words with an illustration, Equipment required and muscle group trained.  (See example)

The program includes a 7 day training schedule, a workout journal & a Body progress chart.


  • This workout program requires equipment found in most well equipped Gyms.
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  • DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (No physical product will be shipped)

It is highly recommended that you consult with your Doctor prior to commencing with any exercise programs, Especially if the below risk factors are applicable to you.
If you, 

  • have heart disease or a direct family member has heart disease
  • are a smoker
  • have high blood pressure
  • have high Cholesterol
  • are obese (BMI above 30)
  • haven’t exercised in a long time