About Us

"Legion Health" was originally known as "Nutriverse".

Nutriverse opened its first store in June 2012, by 2 brothers, one who was passionate about the health & fitness industry, the other, passionate about the business side of things. 

The company strived for the next few years and by 2015 we had opened our 6th store and had an industrial kitchen running called "Nutriverse Healthy Meals" which was doing extremely well. However, at this point we decided, due to personal reasons, that it would be in our best interest to split the company in half and go our separate ways in a business sense.

This is when, in 2016, "Legion Health" was formed and some stores were re-branded under this name.

We have decided to close down all of our retail outlets and move completely online as of December 2021.

We believe that our future is online, it's a tough industry but by providing our customers with the best customer service and products at the best prices, We will strive.

We also believe in supporting our local economy by selling mainly locally made products that are approved by world renowned testing facilities.