How to make a purchase (Step by Step Guide)

Step 1

Find the product that you want to buy, by using either the Menu's or the search function at the top of the page. (See below)

Step 2

Once you find the product, click on it to go to the products page.

Here you will see the different product variations available (If there are any), such as flavour, size etc.

You will also notice that the website shows the quantity that is available in out warehouse.

Once you have selection the product variations that you want, click add to cart. (See below)

Step 3

Once you click "Add to cart", a menu will popup on the top right of the screen (See below), you can either "View your cart" to see what else is in it or you can go directly to checkout if you are done shopping by clicking on the "Checkout" button. 

You can also view your cart at any time by clicking on the shopping bag logo on the top right of your screen. You can checkout from here as well. 

Step 4

When you are done shopping an you've clicked on "View my cart" or the shopping bag logo, you will see the contents of your cart. 

Here you can remove items or adjust the quantities.

If you are happy, Click "Checkout"  (See below)

Step 5

After Clicking "Checkout", you will be directed to the Information page.

This is where you complete your details such as Contact details & delivery address etc. 

Step 6

Once you have filled in all the information, Click "Continue to shipping". 

The system will give you different Shipping options, the system will get quotes from 3 different Courier companies, in order to give you the best rates but sometimes the best rates come with a slower delivery time, So we have left it upto you to decide. 

Step 7

After selecting your Shipping method, Click on "Continue to payment".

Here you will have different options.

Payfast - This includes various payment methods including card, Instant eft or Mobicred etc. You will be redirected to the payfast website temporarily, to complete the sale. (This ensures that the transaction is safe and secure).

Bank depost - Click this option if you want to deposit as an ATM, Bank details will be provided once you click this option. 

EFTClick this option if you want to do an EFT via internet banking, Bank details will be provided once you click this option. 

Step 8

Once you've selected your payment option, click "Complete Order".

You will then be shown the Order confirmation page. 

Your order is now complete and will be processed as soon as possible. 

We will send you a confirmation email as well. 

Also note that we will send you emails at every step of the order process.

  1. Order confirmation
  2. Once your order is complete and booked with the courier. (This will include tracking information)
  3. Once your order is delivered or if there are any issues with delivery.

Thank you for Shopping with Us! Have a great day further.