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A New Pre Has Arrived!

Everyone remembers their first W.O.D, who could ever forget? Stepping into the box, speakers thumping, barbells dropping, sneakers squeaking, athletes swinging from what seemed to be jacked up jungle gyms; hell it was like entering the twilight zone.

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💪Unleash The Beast!💪

Barbarian Nutrition's untamed is by FAAARRR the strongest Pre we've ever sold! You will not be disappointed! If you're a first time user, Please only lick the scoop as your first serving! 

#untamed #barbarian #unleashthebeast #notforthefainthearted 

❤❤We Guarentee that you'll LOVE it!❤❤


7 Stars Energy Drink

7Stars Energy Drink

7 Stars Energy Drink combines high quality ingredients with a unique taste.
The party starts when the Stars are out!!!


Great, received package. Communication was excellent and a happy customer overall. Thank you! :)

MarSch1980 via BidorBuy

Quickly delivered and so happy with the products!

phyl2015 via BidorBuy

Very reliable and helpful staff! Received my order in speedy time. Definitely very reliable!

Shannon Blair Malone

I had a product query which i submitted online, and Andrew was not only extremely fast at getting back to me, but was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.
Excellent customer service.
Very pleased.

Tracey Kroukamp

Great service from Andrew with prompt responses and keeping me updated on my delivery.

Imraan Ismail

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