Iron Legion Fitness Equipment

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Iron Legion fitness equipment started because of the need to adapt to the tough economic climate, caused by multiple issues including Corona 19.

We found it was getting increasingly difficult to survive by just selling supplements & clothing, so we adapted to where we saw a need.

The owner (Andrew Nichols) is a draftsman by trade, so he thought of a way that he could use his skills, learnt over many years, to benefit and help the company, so started by designing fitness equipment, such as our Multi-Purpose pull-up bar.

After a few tweaks to get the bar perfect, he started developing and adding to the range, which is forever increasing,  as you can see here..

We have strong desire to try support our local economy, we sell 99% locally made products in our stores.

All materials for our equipment is locally sourced and all manufacturing happens within South Africa. Nothing is out sourced internationally.
we currently support up to 7 different local companies and numerous local families by having them assist with some certain tasks.

We strive to use the best materials available, we do not cut costs, we instead keep our overheads lower and work harder.

All our equipment's parts can be replaced if damaged. We also offer servicing such as re-doing upholstery and Painting etc.

So by buying our locally made equipment, you are making a difference to many families and supporting our local economy. so Thank you!