The Truth About Casein Protein

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The Truth About Casein Protein

Casein is the globular portion of milk protein, making up the majority of protein in milk. The casein globules reduce the speed at which casein is digested, making it a very slow digesting protein.

Forms: Micellar casein Manufactured by separating the casein protein in the milk from the lactose and fat, as well as the whey protein, by the processes of ultra filtration. Micellar casein is prone to clumping but it is the pinnacle form of casein as it releases amino acids for about 8 hours which makes it a perfect bedtime protein as well post workout(if added with some whey protein) Caseinate (calcium Caseinate, potassium Caseinate, sodium Caseinate) Casein protein powders are made by adding calcium, sodium or potassium. Caseinates typically contain a greater than 90% protein and are the most soluble form of casein. Digestion is faster than micellar casein. For the purpose of saving space I decided to leave out casein protein hydrolysate, due to it being a rarity and super pricey.

When to use: Immediately before bed. Since you will be fasting for several hours you need to go for a very slow digesting micellar casein protein. This will supply a slow and steady supply of amino acids throughout the night. This will destroy catabolism as you will be in an anabolic state due to the amino acids being slowly released and blunting cortisol - all in all making it the perfect environment for recovery and muscle growth.

Post workout:Ā Science show the best post workout protein is a combination of micellar casein and whey protein these variable amino acid supplies contribute towards accelerated muscle growth and recovery.

Take home note: Choose micellar casein for ultimate night time and post workout repair and recovery. Don't be fooled by milk protein or other inferior Caseinates. A true micellar casein has next to no carbs or fat, avoid brands using false claims and brands using sugars.

Our choice, the protein of the year and personally of the centuryĀ @evolvenutritionzaĀ as it is a true micellar casein with near zero carbs and fat plus the texture and taste is literally the best thing ever.Ā 

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