Tips on Using & Choosing a Pre-workout!

Tips on Using & Choosing a Pre-workout!

We have you covered when choosing a pre workout, It can be tricky but this will help you find your perfect pre for yourself with some lekker advice...

- caffeine doesn't always mean better workouts, too much caffeine often means a heavy crash especially if you train in the mornings. Always gauge your workout and see how your choose pre is helping you or not. These days caffeine sells more than the actual pre workout, automatically the consumer thinks a 400mg caffeine content will be better than one containing 200mg but that's not true, it depends on the overall make up of the product. The higher the caffeine dosage the more prone you are to tiring your adrenal receptors and tiring your central nervous system.

Always strive for a good matrix. What is a good matrix? Glad you asked: a solid pre workout should contain at least 6g of citrulline and 3.2g of beta alanine, but both of these ingredients are saturated supplements meaning they don't NEED to used exclusively in your pre workout but as long as you get it in a day you are good, but personally I prefer these in my pre workout as I get the best results this way.

A good matrix should have a cognitive blend which enhances focus and concentration which is best... Tyrosine and choline bitratrate definitely top my favorite list as these work best in getting you zoned in. An anti crash matrix isn't always needed if the caffeine dosage isn't too high but theanine is normally the chosen addition to help combat a crash which refers to total sleepiness and tiredness experienced if caffeine and other added stimulants are way too high.

A Vasodalitor refers to enhanced blood flow citrulline improves this, but there are others making their way into the local market such as vaso6 and glycopump that are super effective.

Arginine on the other hand is useless unless similarly dosed to the clinical 6g of citrulline. 

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