The Importance of Iron Supplements

The importance of Iron, Especially for woman. 

This Blog post is a brief summary to try and explain the importance of Iron.

About Iron Ferrous fumarate

Most Iron supplements come with an additional ingredient such as Vitamin C & Magnesium, to assist with the absorbtion of Iron.

Iron Ferrous fumarate is a mineral used to treat and prevent iron deficiency anaemia.

Basically, Iron helps the body make healthy red blood cells, which carry Oxygen throughout the body.

Things like Blood loss,Pregnancy or just too little Iron in your diet can cause the Iron levels in your body to drop which may lead to Anaemia.

Key Points

  • Most people feel better after taking ferrous fumarate for 1 week, but it may take up to 4 weeks to take full effect.
  • Common side effects include feeling or being sick, and diarrhoea.
  • Your doctor (or a pharmacist) may recommend taking ferrous fumarate with orange juice or a vitamin C supplement. Vitamin C is believed to increase the amount of iron absorbed by the body.
  • Do not take them with milk, as milk stops the iron getting into your system.
  • Children should not take it unless prescribed by a Doctor.

How do you take it?

  • Iron Ferrous fumarate works best when you take it on an empty stomach.
  • Take it 30 minutes before eating, or 2 hours after eating.
  • If it upsets your stomach, you can take it with or just after food.

Below is an example of an Iron Supplement that we stock.

vitatech iron

What does it mean to be Anaemic?

  • Anaemia means that either the level of red blood cells or the level of haemoglobin in your body is lower than normal. Oxygen molecules absorbed in the lungs attach themselves to haemoglobin, which is then delivered to all parts of the body. All of the body’s cells need oxygen to live and perform their various duties.
  • Anaemia isn’t a disease in itself, but a result of something not working properly somewhere in your body.

Symptoms of Anaemia

Depending on the severity, the symptoms of anaemia may include:

  • pale skin
  • fatigue
  • weakness
  • tiring easily
  • breathlessness
  • drop in blood pressure when standing from a sitting or lying position (orthostatic hypotension) – this may happen after acute blood loss, like a heavy period
  • frequent headaches
  • racing heart or palpitations
  • becoming irritated easily
  • concentration difficulties
  • cracked or reddened tongue
  • loss of appetite
  • strange food cravings


If you suspect that you may be Anaemic, Please see your Doctor asap.

Thanks for reading! 

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