How to Choose Your Next Post Workout

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How to Choose Your Next Post Workout!

 So what we have figured out here is that a post needs to contain: Carbs(vitargo is best) Protein (isolate is best but pricey) Low fat (fat blunts insulin sensitivity and slows down absorption - something you don't want) Ala or chromium (or both) Creatine This is a personal preference but it's the best for alpha recovery and gains.


1. Choose quality @evolvenutritionza Voted breakout brand of the year for good reason. Professionally labeled, affordable, innovative and tasty. Are the few reasons why I chose this as an example of a post workout. (Evolve Creagen)

2. Are bold claims met? Here we see creapure and vitargo are in focus, make sure they are the most dominant ingredients and not just a mention so you can buy it.

3. Buy good stuff. This is GMP certified and banned substance free, always be aware what you put in your body as it is your temple so something created in a clean and healthy environment is the best way forward, not something made in a bath tub.

4. Whats what? Firstly a great post workout will have carbs. There's no doubt about it, there's a host of very good choices (vitargo,HBCD, dextrose and waxy maize) they are good choices as they digest rapidly and restore lost glycogen stores.. but many utilize fructose which is actually a slow digesting carb. Depending on your goals and your calorie intake the ideal range can vary. Creagen does NOT contain protein but is also pushed as a intra workout (during your workout) which is understandable as it is versatile so be sure to hit a whey protein shake minimal in carbs if your taking a post with plenty of carbs. This contains a electrolyte blend which improves hydration. One reason why I love creagen is because it contains ALA and chromium polynicotinate both improves glycogen utilization which reduces the chances of fat gain and enhances overall uptake. Taurine is a nice addition as it adds another dimension in cell volumization which paired with their mega 8g creatine blend which is a combo of creapure and creatine HCI will cause strength and power increase plus you will look swole af. Another lovely addition is glutamine peptide which is a rare ingredient but it's effective when it comes to recovery and improved immunity.

5. Ingredients As mentioned in point 2, claims were met as the order of ingredients are sorted from most dominant to least. As you can see vitargo is the most dominant carb source and not just a mention. Creapure is the most dominant creatine source so the claims are true.

6. Follow the directions The obvious but overlooked aspect... Use the amount specified and with the water suggested. If it's too sweet add more water, if it's too water add less water.

7. Costs Finally the best part work out costs. For example if a pre is R400 for 20 servings but they suggest 2 servings for best results and you use it as suggested (twice a day) your basically having R40 a full serving, so the product will last you 10 workouts. Be smart and find what's clinical and cost effective. There's a lot of options for great post workouts such as cell tech, createch etc we are 10000000% #unbiased as creagen is my personal preference.

But there's alot of good stuff happening and for the first time ever I'm more propelled to buy something locally than internationally and that the highest compliment I can ever bestow upon a brand @evolvenutritionza. This whole game is about finding what works but also importantly what's affordable without sacrificing quality and innovation. 

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