Youthful Living Protein Cereal Bar (Box of 12)

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Our protein cereal bars are one of a kind. We have formulated a delicious, low calorie, low carb and low sugar bar with high protein. The protein cereal bars are made from protein nuggets that’s what gives it that crunchy texture. These delicious treats are a simple compilation protein nuggets, a little flavor and a sugar-free drizzle on top.

  • 118 grams  Calories
  • 5 grams net carbs
  • 0.2 grams of sugar

Who can eat them?

Just because these are protein cereal bars, does not mean it is only for adult consumption. This product is safe for children (like our whole range).

What is amazing about the cereal bars is that they are so low on sugar that your children wont get that infuriating sugar rush and then crash!

These bars are perfect for your busy lifestyle as well as for your children’s lunch boxes. The bars are a soft “rice crispy” texture which is great for the whole family. Everyone an enjoy our bars, from the children right up to the grandparents.