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Intense exercise and weight training can take its toll on the joints and tendons often resulting in injury and time off. CISSUS Q has been shown in studies to promote joint and bone healing as well as pain relief. CISSUS Q also has the added benefit of being able to lower high cortisol levels which is linked to abdominal fat accumulation.

Take 1 capsule 3 to 4 times a day. Optimal timing is 10 minutes before a meal or protein drink. Pain relief in the joints, anti-inflammatory effects and the myotropic effect-a pump that lasts all day long- of CISSUS Q should be felt within 8-12 days, if not sooner. Critical usage: For recovery from serious injury or urgent need of anti-catabolic outcomes daily dosage can be doubled by taking more often.

Contains no common allergens, but is produced in a facility that processes Whey, Casein, Soy and Egg.