Nutritech Water Bottle (500ml)

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The NUTRITECH 750ML PURSUIT hydration bottle has been designed around the needs of the modern cyclist, inspired by those who do battle on the road. Here every pedal stroke counts and can be the difference between finishing first or second. Speed and power are the determining factors and there is no time for weakness. At this level, hydration is key and it is the fastest that stay in front.


The 750ML PURSUIT combines quality BPA Free materials with technology; the self sealing one way gasket top means no longer do you need to pull the tip before drinking… just point & squeeze for faster hydration.

Wrapped in signature NUTRITECH FLIP’N GREEN, accented with high gloss black and emblazoned with the ENDURADE, NUTRITECH and iconic N logos, the 750ML PURSUIT will ensure your competition know what fuels you as you stay in front. Whether your battleground is the gym, out on the trail or on the bike, drink it down with authority! Be the fastest to the draw… #Represent