CNT Whey Vantage i7

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CNT Labs™ Whey Vantage i7 contains micro filtered whey protein isolates, whey concentrate and is sugar free, low carb, low fat and high in muscle building amino acids.

Whey Protein is an evolutionary muscle formula that promotes efficient fat burning, strength, lean muscle growth and fast recovery from exercise. Whey Protein supplies a precise blend of ultra-premium proteins, BCAA’s, L-Glutamine and L-Glycine.

The Branched Chain Amino Acids, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine are the most essential amino acids for the maintenance, repair and building of muscle tissue. The BCAA’s have been shown to support protein synthesis and therefore muscle growth. Together, the extra Branched Chain Amino Acids and the added L-Glutamine fortify the muscle-building and recovery properties of Whey Protein.

CNT Labs™ Whey Vantage i7 contains BioZyme -  a specially developed Digestive Enzyme Blend: Digestive Enzymes aid in the digestion and absorption of the key muscle-building Proteins contained in Whey Protein Isolate. The added Digestive Enzyme Blend supports the utilization of all the muscle building protein components and added Amino Acids in CNT Labs™ Whey Vantage i7.

The importance of L-Glycine for muscle:

• Glycine is a major promoter of muscle growth and muscle development.
• Glycine can help remove toxic substances like Lactic acid from the body.
• It has been proven to promote the release of growth hormone (hGH).
• It supports cell volumizing.
• It minimizes the break down of muscle tissue.
• It assists in healing damaged muscles / rebuilding muscle tissue post workout.
• It is of major importance for the creation of protein, peptides and creatine.


  • Optimum muscle growth + recovery
  • Advanced lean muscle booster
  • Advanced amino acid profile
  • + BCAA - isoleucine, leucine & valine
  • Dynamic phased absorption
  • Low fat, Sugar free, Low Carb
  • Superior taste 
  • Ultra smooth

Recommended Usage:

Mix 2 x level scoops (30g) of powder with 200 - 250 ml cold water or low fat milk and use as follows within 15 minutes of mixing:
Non-workout days: Take 1 - 2 servings as and when desired.
Workout Days: Take 1 - 2 servings for / with breakfast, and take 1 - 2 servings after training.

Mix 1 - 2 Scoops with 200ml-250ml of water or low fat milk


Take 1 - 2 times a day

Take a serving with breakfast or after training



The ingredients used to formulate this product are safe for professional athletes. For up to date WADA regulations and further info, visit