CNT Post W.O. Hypergrow Muscle Reload

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CNT Labs™ Post W.O. Hyper Grow is a premium deep-cycle muscle recharge and reload aid. It provides extreme recovery post workout, and promotes lean muscle strength and gains. CNT Labs™ Post W.O. Hyper Grow consists of 77% protein, 22 amino acids, creatine, ginseng, caffeine and a multitude of other vitamins, minerals and herbs to boost your overall recovery and lean muscle gain efforts! 

Extreme post workout recovery
Promotes lean muscle and strength
High in protein and amino acids
Contains Creatine, Ginseng & Caffeine
Ultra fast absorption
Low fat, low carb, sugar free


Recommended Usage

Mix 2 x level scoops (1 serving) with 200 - 300ml cold water within 30 minutes after training.

The ingredients used to formulate this product are safe for professional athletes. For up to date WADA regulations and further info, visit