CNT iMass Mega XXL

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CNT Labs™ iMass Mega XXL provides epic lean muscle and strength gains and comes in 3 delicious flavors! It is sugar free, low fat and high in protein and energy!
If you are a 'hardgainer', you most likely tend to eat constantly in order to put on any muscle mass whatsoever, and this can be frustrating! Using CNT Labs™ iMass Mega XXL will make achieving your daily protein, carb & kJ requirements so much easier!
CNT Labs™ iMass Mega XXL contains specially formulated dietary fats that help keep you lean while you focus on gaining muscle. CNT Labs™ iMass Mega XXL is severely low in Transfat and has 0g Saturated Fat!
CNT Labs™ iMass Mega XXL contains L-Glutamine, which will assist your body in recovering faster after intense workouts, and also boosts your immune system!


  • Maximizes lean muscle weight gain
  • Reduces muscle breakdown
  • Boosts muscle recovery post w.o
  • Advanced amino acid profile
  • + BCAA - isoleucine, leucine & valine
  • Dynamic phased absorption
  • Low fat, Sugar free
  • Superior taste 
  • Ultra smooth

Usage Instructions

Mix 2 x level scoops (90g) of powder with 400 - 450 ml cold water or milk and use as follows within 15 minutes of mixing:
Non-workout days: Take 1 - 2 servings as and when desired.
Workout Days: Take 1 serving before, and/or after your workout.


Mix 1 Scoops with 300-400 ml of water

Take 1-2
times a day

Take one serving before/after your workout.


Warning: iMass Mega XXL is suitable for healthy individuals 18 years and older. Should not be used by pregnant/lactating women without firstly consulting a healthcare practitioner. Individuals suffering from a medical condition or taking any prescription or over-the counter medication should consult their healthcare practitioner before using this product. Discontinue if you are experiencing any adverse reaction. Do not exceed recommended daily dose.
Keep out of reach of children.

This product contains L-Phenylalanine. Individuals who have the metabolic genetic disorder Phenylketonuria should not use this product.

Store below 25° C in original packaging in a dry place. Protect from moisture, heat & sunlight. Keep container tightly closed. Do not accept if seal has been broken / tampered with.