Chronicle Anabolic Dex (910g)

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Chronicle Nutrition Anabolic Dex is one of the most powerful post-workout recovery products on the market today. The advanced formula is packed with powerful, clinically and scientifically dosed key ingredients designed to help you recover from even the most grueling of training sessions. Anabolic Dex contains high doses Creatine HCl, Cyclic Dextrin and other key ingredients that can help spike your anabolic hormones after training. Each serving of Anabolic Dex contains 8g BCAAs in a clinically proven ratio of 2:1:1 to help ramp up your muscle building potential! This amount of branched-chain amino acids combined with 25 grams of quality protein work to stimulate protein synthesis via the mTOR pathway, thereby improving recovery time as well as stimulating gains in strength and size.


Anabolic Dex is a post-workout that no other product can even think to compete with and sets itself apart with by containing: 

• 25g of Quality Protein per serving! 
• 8g of BCAAs
• 1500mg of Creatine HCl and 
• 16g of Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin


Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD) is a carbohydrate source that is relatively new to sports nutrition. It is produced through the breakdown of starch and a unique enzyme is used to form clusters of sugar molecules. HBCD has a relatively high molecular weight and low osmolarity which speeds up gastric emptying. This means that the solution of HBCD will spend less time in your stomach compared to traditional carbohydrates and will therefore reduce discomfort when ingested during exercise (sloshing around in the stomach). Furthermore, the increased rate of gastric emptying will mean it reaches the small intestine faster, enabling absorption into the bloodstream to begin. Another bonus of HBCD is that it provides a sustained release of energy, unlike traditional carbohydrate sources such as dextrose which cause a sudden spike in blood sugar and a large insulin response. HBCD is absorbed more gradually and ensures that there is a continued uptake into the bloodstream, this can help to keep you training harder for longer.

Recommended Usage

  • Mix 1 Serving with 200-400ml water. 
  • Consume directly after exercise.

Take 1 scoop

1 - 2 times a day


After training