Black Mamba Pre-Workout Box

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Libido Enhancer & Pre-Workout Vasodilator - The Answer For Stronger Erections And An Increased Sex Drive.

BLACK MAMBA combines the most powerful herbal extracts to generate the strongest male libido enhancer ever made.

• 100% herbal formula
• Effective within 30minutes
• Experience Longer/Harder erections
• Enhance Sexual Desire 
• Prolonged Performance
• Increased Blood Flow in the GYM!

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) affects the lives of many men. ED covers a range of disorders, such as a male's incapacity to achieve a satisfactory erection before or during sexual intercourse. 

With BLACK MAMBA you can finally put an end to this, as the active ingredients can support you for up to 8 hours.

Who is supposed to take BLACK MAMBA?

BLACK MAMBA is safe for all MEN in between the ages of 18 and 75.

***BLACK MAMBA can also be taken as a Pre-Workout vasodilator for increased blood flow in the gym. We recommend taking 1 capsule 30min prior exercise.